Facing a Challenge?

I work as a Power BI consultant covering the spectrum from providing occasional Q&A support all the way to working on 200+ hour implementation projects. You can contact me at eugene@sqlgene.com or use the widget at the bottom to schedule an Q&A call.

Why is Power BI hard?

When I talk to people about Power BI, there are two themes I hear over and over again:

  1. Capabilities.
    1. Will Power BI meet our needs?
    2. Is it a replacement for SSRS?
    3. Where does it fall down?
  2. Implementation.
    1. How do we implement Power BI in production?
    2. How do we secure it?
    3. How do we scale it?

Power BI is easy to get started with. It’s possible to create a Proof of Concept in just a few hours. Where people seem to get stuck is with licensing, choosing a deployment method, and security. The real challenge with Power BI is implementing it in production.


In particular, I offer the following services:

  • Introduction / Q&A call ($100)
  • 1-day in-person training ($4,500 + travel)
  • Block of consulting hours ($2,000 minimum)

I support a wide variety of customer engagements. Some customers need an hour call to see if Power BI is for them. Some customers need an escalation path when they run into a tricky issue or unsupported bug. Other customers want someone to help with deep performance issues. Whatever the issue is, I can help.